Faith in Action

Some of our members decided to take Father's homily and put it into action. The Three Amigos decided to tye-dye shirts yellow, blue, and red (Father's favorite colors) and wear them on Sunday. Brothers John, Bob, and Ed take the values to the Knights of Columbus into heart by following the Gospel and message of the Church, in their own way of interpretation; Brother Robert can be seen in the background greeting parishioners before mass.

St. Luke OctoberFest-Church Event

Church-St. Luke OctoberFest

OctoberFest was created to help raise money for the Church to support it's Faith Formation Program. The Parish Staff asked the Knights if they would put on a meal for the carnival celebration event; the staff selected pulled beef, coleslaw, and beans. The net proceeds from the dinner were $1100.00 and was distributed to various Faith Formation groups at our parish when requested. So far two checks have been issued for general Faith Formation needs and the Youth Group. In addition to the event, a raffle for $5,000 was held and the members voted in Sept. 2016 to have the Grand Knight buy two $50.00 tickets; the thought was to donate the money back to the Church. In the end a lucky parishioner won and an extra $100.00 was donated to the program.

East County Christmas for Kids (ECC4K)-Community/Family/Youth Event

The sixth annual East County Christmas for Kids (ECC4K) event was held on Sunday, December 18, 2016 at Lexington Elementary School in El Cajon, CA. The event hostess needy families and children from 14 of 20 schools in the El Cajon Valley School District. It is estimated over 4800 needy individuals (children and adults) attended this all-day event. The schools advertised the event and then they determine which families qualify as needy through the SD County Welfare Program. A wrapped, age appropriate gift was given out to each child and bicycles were reserved and given to the most needy children based on the parents request when the school starts. A large box(es) of food which included infant formula, snacks, canned goods, and vegetables was given to each family that entered the program; books were also available for all members of the family to enjoy. The planning for the event actually starts in January of the new year after a meeting that recaps the prior event. The toys are provided by the Toys for Tots program and the food was provided through Feeding America.


Tootsie Roll Drive-Council Event

Council-Tootsie Roll Drive

The Council supports all three California Knights Corporations through the Tootsie Roll Drive, Monetary donations Knights Senior Care, and Brothers Helping Brothers (Parade of Grand Knights). The Tootsie Roll weekend raised $1616.07 public funds via two local 7-11 stores and all three Church Masses had Knights volunteers scheduled to hand out Tootsie Rolls. Three facilities were benefactors; the members of the council approved disbursement of budgeted funds in the amount of $500.00 for the Columbian Retirement Home Inc. and $450.00 to the Columbian Charities. All corporations are helping the community with various needs.

Council Memorial Mass-Council Event

The annual Memorial Mass for Deceased Members is held on the 3rd Sunday in November at the 9:00am Mass. The Chairman of this event, Mike Wolpert, PGK, has the responsibility of contacting the pastor for approval, phone the widows of Knights to advise them of the mass and check if transportation is needed, make arrangements for flowers for widows, and send an email to all Brother Knights with information about the event. This formal event involves the entire Church community and is centered around the service that our members, dressed in formal attire, do for our parish. There is usually some type of refreshment after the mass.

Council-Council Memorial Mass

Walk for Life 2017-Culture of Life Event

Culture of Life-Walk for Life 2017

20 Knights and family members from our council gathered at Balboa Park, San Diego for the 5th annual Walk for Life to support the Culture of Life. The out pouring of Knights and families, which included members of the Color Corps and guest speakers, from across San Diego County was amazing. The "Choose Life" signs the Knights carried represented their dedication against the following: abortions, death penalty, and assisted suicides. The pictures shown were taken by the event photographer and posted on the Internet. The Council made a donation to the Culture of Life in the amount of $250.