TECCWA - Toyota Car Club Perth

We are a car club catering for Toyota and Lexus enthusiasts, based in Western Australia. We welcome anyone with an interest in Toyota automotive products regardless of model or age, whether they strive to keep it original or modify it to suit themselves.

We aim to provide a social atmosphere to:

    • Pursue general and historical Toyota information;

    • Motorsport activities and requirements;

    • Concessional licensing for eligible cars;

    • Social events;

    • Restoration advice and assistance;

    • General automotive information and education;

    • Club member discounts at participating stores.

We are an incorporated association in Western Australia, with a club constitution, allowing us to provide some of the services mentioned above. If you have any questions or queries as to what TECCWA - Toyota Car Club Perth can provide for you, please direct them to enquiries@teccwa.com.

By joining TECCWA, you'll not only join a community of Toyota and Lexus enthusiasts in Perth (if not the world), but you'll also gain access to many other benefits including:

    • Free TECCWA sticker, stubby holder and bottle opener.

    • 15% Discount at AHG Toyota Dealers (Prosser and Midland)

    • 10% Discount at C-Red Tuning

    • 10% Discount at Schultz Automotive and Electrical

    • Trade pricing or better at Veale Auto Parts

    • Member discounts at TECCWA motorsport and social events

    • TECCWA is a Motorsport Australia Affiliated Club, allowing members access to competition licenses, etc.

In addition:

    • TECCWA is an Associated Member of the Council of Motoring Clubs (CMC)

    • TECCWA is a Dept. of Transport Approved Club for: Code 404 (Historic) and C4C (Concessions 4 Classics) licensing - see our specific pages for further details.

    • TECCWA is incorporated and has Public Liability Insurance cover for it's events and volunteers.

    • Events are published on our calendar and Facebook page as appropriate.

By joining TECCWA, YOU help the club expand it's activities. You'll make friends, connect through the automotive and motorsport industry, and because the events are organised by someone else, you wind-up going to places you haven't been before and meet a great range of people you wouldn't normally meet - definitely not boring.