Welcome to the Guidance Office Webpage

On this website you will find important information for your high school years, preparing for college, and getting ready for life after high school. You will be able to find out important activities that are going on inside and outside of school, important dates and timelines, and opportunities available to you!

Our Vision

Tapestry Charter School is a vibrant community of learners and leaders.

Our Mission Statement

Weaving together the essential elements to inspire a lifelong passion for learning.

Our Philosophy: High Expectations for All

    • Rigorous Academics
    • Teamwork and Social Justice
    • Physical and Emotional Fitness
    • Appreciation for the Arts
    • Family and Community Engagement
    • Real World Learning through Academic Expeditions
    • Individual Learning Plans
    • A School Culture of Caring

Our Goals

    • All students will graduate with a Regents diploma or Advanced Regents diploma, with or without honors distinction.
    • All students will be ready for college when they graduate.
    • All students will develop maturity, self-knowledge, and confidence.
    • All students will be known well and valued as individuals.
    • All faculty and staff will be driven by the goal of student learning with no excuses for student failure.