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The picture above is was taken at a Vietnamese school located 3 hours west of Danang on the boarder of Laos. This day I was rebuilding beds to ensure they would not collapse when students were sleeping at night. I was surprised to learn 36 kids will sleep on these beds at night with only grass mats. I asked the vice principal why he wanted these beds placed all together, he told me the kids were afraid at night of all the wild animals in the jungle, so they felt safer. The right picture is the back outside hallway which has a chain link fence to keep wild animals like Bengal tigers from taking the kids at night for a snack. This makes you thankful to go to GCHS even with the crowded halls.     

Each Monday I will post the weeks plan for you to follow. Often I will place documents that students can download if they miss the work. If the student misses class, they can always follow the agenda and complete needed work. 
I place all powerpoints in the appropriate class location.