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WELCOME .... We like to think, that just like this tree in this picture, that we lovingly support children's play & development ....

The Clubs have a happy, relaxed and stimulating environment; our main aim is for the children to REALLY BENEFIT from the many different types of play on offer with their friends at Club, thereby constantly developing their social skills.  

The whole team have a common mission of honouring the precious childhoods & hopefully creating special childhood memories for the children in our care. 

All our dedicated Playworkers genuinely enjoy interacting with and providing the right space for young children to entertain themselves.  

Since our launch in September 2006, Sunrise & Sunset Clubs have taken huge pride in offering a safe, reliable and flexible Child Care Service carefully designed to suit busy parents. 

We are open between 7.30am & 9.00 in the mornings and between 3pm/3.15pm & 6.15pm in the evenings in School Term times

We have two sites - One in Sarratt in the KGV Sports Pavilion & the other in Chorleywood in Christ Church School   We run them both using all the same principles. In our Site in Sarratt we take care of children from Sarratt JMI and our new site in Chorleywood will take care of children from Christ Church and Arnett Hills in Chorleywood.

We have a consistent & reliable team. Our staff turnover is very low, hence the children get to know the team & thereby the children feel safe & comfortable with us. There will always be a minimum of 1 Adult to 8 Children and there will always be a minimum staff of 2. We try to operate at a ratio of just 1 adult to 6 children as we fervently believe this is a very important part of providing outstanding childcare. It allows our team to really nurture (rather than hurd) the children in our care. 

Our doors are open to children of 4 to 11 years old, which means that we will be able to take care of children both in Pre-Schools and Primary Schools. Just like a real family.


We are able to accept all types of Child Care Vouchers. These can mean that you can save 20% off your Childcare costs. Many parents use this and they have told us that it has dramatically reduced their childcare costs.

We have been awarded ‘Runner Up’ in the Hertfordshire Childcare Awards in the ‘Out of School Category’. The next time the competition is run we are aiming to be ‘The Winner’. No, on a serious note it was a prestigious award which we were most honoured to receive. We have a talented, hugely caring, wonderful team; I personally think that the award was a true recognition of everyone’s dedication and commitment to the Clubs.


In May 2018, we were awarded 5 Hygiene Stars by a Food Inspector again. This means that the food Inspector thought we have:- Excellent hygiene conditions, high standard of compliance with food legislation and highly confident in the management.


More information can be found in the links to the left please feel free to find out more about our clubs.


Finally, we have a limited capacity. Once we are full we are full. The earlier you register and book, the better chance you will have of securing a place for your child/ren.