greeting cards

With photos taken of every piece ever completed, select images of Karen's artwork have been printed on greeting cards (name and size of the original printed on the back). Cards are of excellent weight at 14pt coverstock, blank inside, 4.75" square, and come with 5" square envelopes. Sold in boxes of 8 cards for $25 at craft shows, and individually in cellophane bags at select gift shops.



"Deer Me It's Cold!""Family""Dear Santa""Busy, Busy, Busy"


"Christmas, Eh? (Please Pass The Eggnog)""Last Run Of The Day""A Cold Winter's Night""Oh Deer! III"


"Do I Have To Go In Now?""A Winter's Morn'""Berry Lime Li'l Trees""Home For Christmas"

Christmas / winter

Purchase in boxes of 8 cards, 2 of each design within the collection, or 8 copies of one design. Boxes are pre-packaged prior to retail events. Hand-picked mixed boxes are not sold (for expediency).

"As Far As The Eye Can See""Calm""Field Flowers""Poppies Pop! IV""Poppy III""Poppy Field""Poppy Fields""Strength"


Purchase in boxes of 8 cards, 1 of each design.

Subtle Details designed and handcrafted out of polymer clay by Karen Pasieka