architecture & lanscape

Serene landscapes and nostalgic renderings of the built environment are captured in polymer clay.

"As a young girl I was in awe of the old houses I saw in my mother's hometown, Parry Sound, ON, where I spent so much time visiting my grandparents. I used to spend hours imagining how all the rooms could be laid out, and was often found sketching out facades and floor plans of "character" homes. I guess even though the dream of being an architect didn't work out as I had planned, there's still that little girl in me with romantic notions about buildings and the life they house." - Karen Pasieka


These illustrative, alphabet, and custom name art pieces made out of polymer clay are the perfect addition to every baby's nursery and little boy or girl's room!

Alphabet and name art is customized to colour palettes drawn from images of the child's room, or favourite blanket, etc. Items selected to represent each letter are specified by you, giving each piece extra meaning and sentiment.

Custom name pieces are $140 for up to 4 letters, + $15 for each additional letter. Square, horizontal, and vertical formats available.

Alphabet art is 22" x 22", priced at $625.


"By far my biggest muse! I have a strong love for everything colourful and florals top the charts." - Karen Pasieka

mixed media

"Aside from playing with my clay, I also love to sketch, especially organic forms. Here I've combined my two loves, polymer clay sculpted florals with sketched foliage in graphite." - Karen Pasieka

special occasion

Create a lasting, memorable keepsake! Have a piece of polymer clay art customized for any special occasion. Christmas, graduation, bat/bar mitzvah, wedding . . . there are so many possibilities!


Simplicity at it's best. These pieces are made solely with a beautiful, chalky-white clay. With a focus on form and texture, matted on white, and framed in white, they fit beautifully on any wall, in any room. There's no question, they make excellent gifts!

Subtle Details designed and handcrafted out of polymer clay by Karen Pasieka