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Concert on March 17th at 7pm at Hudson High School
More information to follow
Due to the snow day on Monday, Feb 13th I have postponed the second (and final!) playing quiz until the week we return from break, so that all students have equal time to prepare. If your student wants to take his/her quiz this week then they may do so; otherwise, all students should expect to perform #72 and #73 for me the week of Feb 27th during sectionals.

5th Grade Standard of Excellence Homework

Red Book Assignments #83, #84 (#85 and #86 to review new notes)
Page 42- Concert Bb Major Scale (the first scale at the top)


All student owned instruments should be brought home for February Break...no exceptions!

Double check your calendars- our next performance is on Friday, March 17th at Hudson High School. Every grade level (5-12) will be performing individually and then as a whole. 7pm start time. Dress is red music tshirts and black pants. See Mrs. Drapeau for details. A flier will be sent home when we return from break.
6th Grade Homework
C, F, Bb, Eb, G Major
(flam-taps, 5-stroke roll, 9-stroke roll, paradiddle, flam-paradiddle for percussionists)
memorized, due the week of 1/30
7th Grade Homework
C, F, Bb, Eb, G Major at quarternote = 100
(flam-taps, 5-stroke roll, 9-stroke roll, paradiddle, flam-paradiddle for percussionists)
memorized at at quarternote = 100, due the week of 1/30

Things Students Should Have:
(5th grade only) **Standard of Excellence, Book 1 by Bruce Pearson**
**at least 3 extra reeds in clarinet/oboe/saxophone/bassoon cases**
**SWAB for instrument (which should be used after each practice session for flutes/oboes/clarinets/saxophones/bassoons)**
**cork grease for clarinets & saxes**
**valve or slide oil for brass instruments**
**lesson book for continued progress on instrument**

"When people listen to music together, their neurons actually fire synchronously," says Daniel Levitin, Ph. D., a neuroscientist and musician. "For reasons scientists don't completely understand, this triggers the release of oxytocin, a hormone that helps you feel more tightly bonded to one another."

Michelle Drapeau
Quinn Middle School


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