Field Day Preparation

Dear Parents,

Field day is on _______ with a rain date of _______.  I have a few suggestions of things students should bring in order to be prepared for field day:
1.  Sun Screen- apply prior to leaving for school.  
2.  Dry clothes as we have some water stations
3.  Hat
4.  Sneakers
5.  Water bottle
Activities will be located in two areas all day: the back field and the big blacktop area.  Water will be provided for the students at one of the stations.
~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ General Rules
1. Each classroom is to stay together the entire day.
2. Each classroom is to stay in the assigned area for their activity, or event until a signal is given to move to the next area.
3.  Be a good sport and encourage your classmates.  
All parent volunteers and spectators must enter through the front lobby in order to get a visitor badge prior to going to the back field for the event.  All volunteers must have a CORI form on file in the office.


Dan Egan
Physical Education
Dawe Elementary