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    K.R. Flanagan


    Thank you, Ms. Flanagan, for coming to our school!
    The fifth grade and the Battle of the books team thank Ms. Flanagan for her inspiring talk about the writing process. We especially enjoyed hearing about all the fun research she did, like going to medieval martial arts classes! We also learned about how important it is for writers to revise their writing many times with the help of many people. Read Ms. Flanagan's blog here!

    Welcome to St. Luke School Library! We are here to help you find the books you love to read and the information you need to be a success at St Luke School by becoming a lifelong  learner!

    Find out about this great enrichment activity which is offered to fifth and sixth graders for the 2013-2014 school year

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    Chris Van Allsburg

    Watch a book being born! -- Here is a video on book publishing just as Mrs. Edwards showed us!

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    Monday: 8-3
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    Friday: 8-12:30
    Come any of the above times with your teacher's permission in addition to scheduled library time.
    We Can Help You........
    *Find books to read for fun
    *Find a cozy spot for you to read
    *Find books to use for your assignments or learn something new
    *Find books on your reading level for the Accelerated Reader program
    *Listen to you read
    *Take an Accelerated Reader test
    *Check in and out books
    *Place books on hold
    *Request copies of materials
    *Search for information
    *Read magazines
    *Find magazine articles
    *Find free electronic books (e-books)
    *Cite sources
    *Find the perfect website
    ...... and much, much, more!
    Search our Catalog at any of the eight computers available in the library. Ask Mrs. Mayer or Mrs. Bejjani if you need help.
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