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Thank you for visiting the St. Mary School Math Program website!  Our main goal is to inspire, educate and empower our students in their math learning and to bring about high levels of  engagement and achievement using their growth mindsets.

So you thought taking a quiz in math was fun?

Google Classroom codes:
6th grade
7th Grade
8th Grade
8th Algebra

What curriculum is being used?
In junior high (6th grade through algebra) we are using the College Preparatory Mathematics series.  For more information on either series, please visit the links below.

Assessments are graded by standards based on the following rubric:

 How is  math differentiated for students within a grade level?
Students master math concepts at different speeds, so it is our job to meet them where they are and challenge them to be as successful as possible.  We use a variety of tools and strategies to support and challenge our students, and are always brainstorming new ideas.  One tool that we use often is Khan Academy.  All students have personal logins to Khan Academy and their teacher can login and assign various lessons for the student to practice.  Remedial lessons can be assigned to students needing extra support, standards-based, grade level lessons can be assigned to students needing extra practice on a current topic and higher (grade) level lessons can be assigned to students that want to challenge themselves beyond the grade-level expectations.  We also write specific learning contracts for students that need more individualized support (be it remediation or acceleration).

What can parents do to support their student's math development?

At the bottom of this page you will find a great resource from Stanford University explaining best practices for parents to support their students in math.  We also recommend talking to your students about math.  Ask them what they are learning.  Ask them to explain the process they are learning.  Why does it work?  Albert Einstein said it best when he said, "If you can't explain it you don't understand it well enough."

The following videos are great for understanding the shifts happening in math.
What resources are recommended if students want to do additional practice outside of school time?

Please visit our "Summer Math Resources" page on the sidebar to see options for online and paper/pencil practice.

What does math look like at St. Mary School? We will be posting exciting updates all year.

Please feel free to email us with any questions.  Thank you!

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