St. Bernard's Technology

Welcome to Mrs. Sparks' Technology site!

Dear parents and students,

I am very excited to teach your student(s) essential computer skills this year.

As the technology coordinator for St. Bernard School I have been diligently working in the background to provide technical support for our staff and students.

All St. Bernard's students will have technology classes with me every week.

  The technology schedule is as follows:

Kindergarten: Thursdays 

1st Grade: Fridays

2nd Grade: Mondays

3rd Grade: Wednesdays

4th Grade: Group A - Tuesdays and Group B - Fridays

5th Grade: Group A Tuesdays and Group B - Thursdays

6th Grade: Tuesdays 

7th Grade: Fridays

8th Grade: Wednesdays

 All technology assignments for K-8 will be posted in the respective Google Classrooms. 


1st - 8th Grade will continue to use EasyTech lessons and activities as well as other resources in Technology.  

For Middle School in class assignments will be worth 30% of your grade and homework will be worth 30% as well. Although you will not be graded on proper keyboarding technique in Junior High, you will be graded on your keyboarding speed. You'll take a keyboarding test each quarter and will be graded according to your proximity to the required speed for your grade. Keyboarding will make up 20% of your grade. Attendance will make up 20% of your grade. All grades will be posted weekly in FACTS.


In general, assignments are due the week after you receive them, by 8:15 on the morning of your Technology day. You may turn in an assignment after the due date during the same week to receive 50% credit. For example, if you score 8 on a 10-point assignment and you turn it in after the due date, you'll earn 4 points.

To view homework assignments, go to your Google Classroom folder.


Technology only meets once a week. If you miss one Technology session, it's like missing a week of school! Please avoid missing Technology for appointments. If you must miss a Technology session, it is YOUR responsibility to check my Google Classroom to find out what work was missed and to make up any missed assignments and turn it in by the due date. If you miss several days due to illness, I will give you extra time to make it up. Either way, please come talk to me.