Welcome to my class, scientists!

Middle school science is fun and based on hands-on lab activities!

General information that applies to all science classes, including this one, is posted on the LOMS Science webpage.

Assignments are posted on the homework calendar for all of my classes and on the board in the classroom.

Students, please come to our classroom with the necessary supplies and a great attitude to learn, cooperate, and investigate!

Please "check-in" to Google Classroom

regularly to find out what's happening in class.

If you miss class, you will miss a lot of interesting information

because every day is a new adventure in our exploration of the world.

Please follow the Instructions for Absences to help you catch up when you've missed something.

Bon Voyage!

The Course Expectations, which includes my policies on grading, homework, late work, extra credit, required materials, and tips for success, can be printed or viewed below for your convenience. It is also available in en Espanol.