Grading Policies

Grades are updated often on PowerSchool. Please check regularly to see the most up-to-date grade for your student.

Assignments will be scored as follows:
Check+: receives 100% credit
Check: receives 80% credit
Check-: receives 70% credit
    ***If there is a circled score, this is the score the student received.
Zero- usually means the assignment is missing; sometimes the earned score is a zero.
    -Check the comment to see justification.
Work written in anything but ink will be considered late and will lose 10% of the total points earned.

Students will receive a deduction of 10% of the points they earned on the assignment.
    -I will score the assignment first, then I will take the 10% off
*Students can turn in late work up until the quarter ends.

Scores/symbols on PowerSchool (for more help, click here)
A "zero" can mean many things.
    -The assignment is missing
    -The score is legitimately a zero (plagiarism, low score/completed incorrectly, not turned in)

Blue circle/white C- there's a comment on the assignment.
    -Click the score to read the comment.
Green check- I have the assignment but have not graded it yet
-- (two dashes)- the assignment itself has been added to PowerSchool but hasn't been graded yet (doesn't hurt the student)
Red triangle- the assignment is/was late
Yellow square- the assignment is missing
    -this assignment also receives a score of zero until it's turned in
Blue diamond- student is exempt from this assignment (doesn't hurt student)
Orange square/white asterisk- assignment not included in final grade (doesn't hurt student)