Mathematics Department 

Welcome to the JD Math Department! 

JD Summer Math Program

To complement the summer reading program, the JD Math department has implemented a summer math program. We want all students to be successful in math, and a key component of success is preparation. We want students ready to start school in August with the necessary prerequisites in place. With this goal in mind, all students registered for a math course at JDCHS are required to complete summer assignments using the web-based math software ALEKS. 

We are here to support you! If you have any questions, please email Ms Sawyer (

Once you receive your login credentials for ALEKS:

1. Use any browser that supports ALEKS and go to

2. Use your login credentials to get in. You will be directed right to your course.

3. Complete the short tutorial on how to enter answers in ALEKS.

4. Take the initial assessment. Do your best! The better you do on this assessment, the less work you have to do over the summer!

5. Complete the objectives as directed. 

"Mathematics is the language with which God has written the universe." - Galileo Galilei (1564-1642)