A Note to Our Students

In preparation for our our Google Gmail and Calendar Go-Live, we wanted to share a few details with you on the transition.


Starting on January 9th, all of your new emails will come in through Google, and will no longer be directed to your Office365 account.  

Will I still be able to see my old email and calendar?

You will still have access to log into your Office365 account to access all of your historical emails and calendar events, but all new mail - mail coming in as of January 9th - will be available in Google.  You will no longer be able to use Office365 to send or receive email, or to book calendar events.  All new emails and events should be done in Google. 

To access your Office365 account: http://portal.sjcme.edu

Will my email address or password change?

Your email address will not change.  It will still be username@sjcme.edu.  Your password will not change.

Where do I go to access Gmail (MonkSuite)?

There are multiple ways to access your Gmail account.  Your dedicated link for SJC will be: MonkSuite.sjcme.edu.  If you forget this link, you can also log in to your SJC Gmail account, or any other personal Gmail account, by going to mail.google.com.

What else will I need to do?
  • Upload your personal contacts in Outlook to Gmail. 
  • Recreate Outlook email rules using the "filters" feature in Gmail. 
  • Create your email signature.
  • Set up your phone for your Gmail account.
Detailed instructions are posted on google.sjcme.edu to assist you with these tasks.

As always, please contact the iTeam by email (iteam@sjcme.edu) or phone (207-893-7851) if you have any questions about going Google, or anything else.  

To access your Office365 account: http://portal.sjcme.edu