New Families ~ Welcome to SBA 
Dear new families, we want to welcome you to middle school at SBA. If you would like to speak to one of our Mentor Families and ask questions to get the inside scoop on what to expect, please feel free to do so. Their names and numbers are listed below:

- Ryan Bowman at 314-322-1752

- Tiffany Newberry at 404-786-6373

- Julie Reagan at 512-673-3077

- Tammy Underwood at 423-834-3757

Middle School Administration

Roslyn McCoy
 - Middle School Principal
Titus Freuler - Dean of Students
Jeri Rizzo - MS Administrative Assistant - 423.892.2319 x2221
                     Middle School Fax: 423.648.7602
Middle School Attendance -         
          Middle School Schedule

PLEASE REMEMBER that all middle school business (tardies, dismissals,  phone use, etc.) should go through the Reception area in the upper school building lobby (Door #1). 

            Middle School Staff - Use the Filter Button for Middle School


Everything you want and need to know about Middle School

Middle School Information:

Dates to Remember

August 19th ~ Picture Day for 6th & 7th Grade

                       ~ Chicken Biscuits will be available in the Lower Gym for $3, and orange juice                                 for $.25

August 20th ~ Picture Day for 8th Grade

                        ~ Mandatory Parent Meeting for 7th & 8th-grade parents (students are welcome to attend)

August 21st ~ All-School Assembly

August 23rd ~ New Family night

August 29th ~ 7th grade to Camp Vesper Point (Permission Form)

August 30th ~ 8th grade to Camp Vesper Point (Permission Form)

September 2nd ~ Academy Closed for Labor Day

September 6th ~ 6th grade to Camp Vesper Point (Permission Form)

Current Middle School Newsletter

2019-20 Middle School Reading List
All students are required to complete their summer reading. Use this link to go right to the Summer Reading page. Once there, click on Middle School on the top right and choose the grade you need.

2019-20 Middle School Supply Lists
All students Grades 7th - 12th are required to own an Apple iPad 4 or above. We recommend newly purchased devices that have 32GB of storage.  Although the iPad Mini will run the applications needed for students, we advise against it due to the size limitations for eTextbooks.
Find all the Math Mastery information, including letters for each math program, videos, sample tests, and answer keys by clicking the icon above.

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