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Tips for Rehearsals

Rehearsals will be in Mrs. De Petro’s Room, 205, (please mark availability on your audition sheets!!), with the exception of some full cast gatherings, which will be in the gym or cafeteria, and dress rehearsals, which will be at our performance site. All locations will be noted on our Google calendar and posted for you on the bulletin board outside of Room 205.

For any Thursday rehearsals during an Early Release, the directors are sometimes in meetings until 3pm. There will be no supervision; please plan rides to and from school accordingly.

  1. Rehearsal begins with announcements.  Students should keep a notebook/folder/calendar to write down information to share with parents.  Directors will try to send e-mails whenever possible.
  2. Bring your script/three ring binder. Always.
  3. Bring a pencil.
  4. Bring a water bottle.
  5. Students need to be ON TIME for every rehearsal (on time actually means 5 minutes early!).  You will sign in on our sign-in sheet when you arrive.
  6. Always give 100% attention and concentration to rehearsal when you are there! Do NOT have your phone/iPad out! Pay attention to EVERYTHING that goes on (it may help you in the future)
  7. Don’t talk to your neighbor – we have a set time and need to get things done!
  8. Practice outside of rehearsal – don’t expect to memorize your lines just in rehearsal. See tips for How to Memorize Your Lines Fast by Backstage Experts.
  9. Ask questions that are thoughtful and purposeful.
  10. The Directors are ALWAYS watching you (and they may be testing you for a role in the future!) so have a good attitude and be responsible for yourself!