SDCUE members, if you submit an application to speak at Spring CUE or Fall CUE, and you check "SDCUE" as your affiliate, your application will also be considered for the Powered Learning Fair in November.

Even if you don't submit now, all SDCUE members will have an additional application window this summer specifically for Powered Learning Fair. Either way, it's all good!

Photos from CUE 19

We hope you had a great time at #CUE19. In case you missed any sessions from San Diego CUE members, use the link here to get the resources and get connected!

(formerly Tech Fair)

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Congratulations to Laura Spencer and Glen Warren, who will be awarded Gold Disks at CUE in Palm Springs!

Congratulations to former SDCUE President Cynthia Sistek-Chandler for winning one of two ISTE Making IT Happen awards!

Photos from Tech Fair 2018, November 3 at Hilltop High School

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