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7th Grade Requirements

Tdap Vaccine

All students entering 7th grade are required to have the Tdap vaccine by the 1st day of school.  
  • Please refer to the IA Dept of Public Health's Tdap Q&A information sheet. 
  • A Tdap requirement file is available below for more information.  

9th Grade Requirements

Dental Screen

All students entering 9th grade are required to have a Certificate of Dental Health completed by a dental hygienist or dentist by the 1st day of school.

  • The certificate to fill out is available below along with a Q & A form.


Physical Exam

Every year each student grades 7-12 playing a sport shall present to the school a certificate signed by a licensed physician, chiropractor, ARNP, or PA to the effect that the student has been examined and may safely engage in athletic competition.  This certificate of physical examination is valid for one (1) calendar year.  


Concussions have become an inevitable part of sports today.  The signs of a concussion can often overlooked.  The CDC has put together a program entitled Heads Up: Concussion in Sports that contains information for both parents and coaches. 

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