The Division 2 State Meet will be held at UNH on Saturday-February 10th.

The bus will leave the school at 1:30 pm and the meet will begin at 4:45 pm.
We anticipate returning to school by approximately 10:30 pm.

Best of luck to the following athletes who will represent HB at the Division 2 Sate Meet:

Victoria Bruzik
Megan Flannery
Katie Hinchliffe
Lily Jackson
Mary martin
Maya ruvido

Ryan Farquar
Trai Jimeno
Alex Meagher
Ethan Mercier
Jamison Muckstadt
Frank Pugh

 Athletes must sign up and pay for swimming on the My School Bucks website at http://www.myschoolbucks.com


All HBHS student-athletes are now required to take the baseline Impact test, PRIOR to trying out or the first practice of their sport.  In order to complete the test, athletes must be present on their team testing day, with $10 fee (checks payable to HBHS) and Parental Permission Form. If athletes cannot attend their scheduled team testing day, they can attend the make-up day or notify the Athletic Director at rhon.rupp@sau41.org

 Athletes WILL NOT be allowed to participate in try-outs or practices unless they have completed the Impact Test or have a Parental Waiver on file with the Athletic Office.