Important Dates      
  • Test Plate Tectonics  Monday 4/30
  • Current Event deadline Tue May 1
  • Current Event deadline April 2nd, Monday
  • water project  open note Friday March 2nd
  • Current event deadline is Thur. March 1st
  • Period 6 and 7 finish water project # 11 Desalination Due Monday Feb. 26th
  • Quiz Jan 23 photosynthesis andcellular respiration
    • Wed. Jan. 3rd deadline to turn in  your science related Current Event. Turn in before winter break if you can. 
  • December 8th Fri   Farm to Cell google slides due See google classroom fordescription handout
  • Nov. 27th Monday after Thanksgiving, Bring in a food label that includes four ingredients. and has some protein, carbohydrates and fats included.  It must also include the ingredients.
  • Nov. 3rd Quiz on atoms/molecules
  • Nov. 1st current event deadline
  • Sept. 29th Quiz open note
  • Oct 4th Notebook check
  • Oct. 2nd MOnday deadline to turn in current event
  • Sept. 5th Tuesday Have syllabus signed, and click on all of the tabs to the left so you know what is on my website 
Outside School Opportunities
 These are not sponsored by Lewis Middle School

March 3-11, 2018 * Extra Credit Opportunity

Take a tour on a Saturday and get Extra Credit.

Must be 13-18 to participate

Summer 2017

National Geographic Geo Challenge Nov.  1, 2017-Feb 1, 2018

Application open Jan. 3-Feb. 3, 2018

Girls two day camp! See link below

Deadline to be announced

Application due January 2018

Must be 13-18 to participate

Summer 2017

SEACAMP Summer camps
Other opportunities can be found at
NOVA http://www.pbs.org/wgbh/nova/labs/opportunities/