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Partnering Your Teens on their RVIP Journey

The PTA is a platform for Parent Engagement, Skill Enrichment and Mutual Support. It is another channel for you to discover more about your growing teenager.

As parents, we have to

  1. Be Informed, getting to know more about your children’s needs
  2. Be Responsive, seizing opportunities to hone your parenting skills
  3. Be Equipped to relate better to them, and lend them the support that will enable them to harness their potential to the fullest

Join us and experience the camaraderie among parents who share the same concerns and aspirations for their children.

PTA 是一个让家长参与,学习和交流的平台。她给予您另一个了解您孩子成长的渠道。身为父母的我们都应当自觉:

  1. 掌握信息与技巧,以便更了解孩子的想法和需求
  2. 及时有效地与孩子沟通
  3. 在孩子最需要时给予支持和鼓励


Upcoming Events (2019):

  1. 19Jan (Sat) - Y1 Transition Talk 中一学家长华文讲座与分享会 
  2. 16 Feb (Sat) - Members' Annual General Meeting (AGM) 会员大会
  3. 30 Mar (Sat) - Members Potluck Gathering 会员聚餐会
  4. 6 April (Sat) - EL Parenting Talk
  5. Healthy Lifestyle Month Activity in April (every Thursday)
    • Sports Carnival Hydration Drink
    • Vitagen Day
    • Milo Van Day
    • Juice Day
  6. 20 Jul (Sat) - CL Parenting Talk 华文讲座
  7. 17 Aug (Sat) - High Achiever cum English & Chinese tips sharing
  8. 5 Sept (Thu) - Teachers’ Day Appreciation
  9. 20 Oct (Sat) - Family Bonding Day 亲子营 (subject to PTA resources)
  10. Nov 2018 - PTA booth @ RVHS Open House
  11. Dec 2018 - PTA Station @ RVHS Y1 Registration Day

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