Rudi Arapahoe is an English experimental composer. His Systems Music, videos, psychometric tests and generative artworks examine authenticity, identity and aptitudes. Rudi holds a Bachelor of Science degree in Psychology and lives and works in Lincolnshire, England.

Ongoing series & projects:

False Self - electronic Systems Music compositions that use found sounds and systematically remoulded quotations of existing music or texts to explore ideas of authenticity and identity.

Plates - a series of exploratory miniatures for piano, synthesizer and voice.

Realms - a series of psychometric tests. These tests probe aptitudes and identity, whilst playing with power relations. In person and video module testing is available in Lincoln, Lincolnshire, UK - email for details. This series is closely tied to False Self and can be viewed as it's visual counterpart.


Realms - Projective Test: Module A (2023) - psychometric test (video file with mono audio, 3 mins 28 seconds)

Realms - Constellation Test: Module A (2023) - psychometric test (video file with mono audio, 1 mins 11 seconds)

Selected compositions & discography:

False Self Plays Music For Six Pianos (2021) - four compositions for six pianos (Café OTO TakuRoku, UK)

Plates, Vol 2: Mirrors (2020) - two compositions for piano

Plates, Vol 1: Système sur-atonal (2020) - two compositions for electric piano and one composition for synthesized flute (The Orchard / Sony)

A False Memory Of A Sports Party (2018) - album, five electronic works (The Orchard / Sony)

False Self (2016) - album, six electronic works (The Orchard / Sony)

Selected works for theatre:

SIS production of Ikunio Shimizu's Gakuya (Dressing Room) - Theatre Tram, Setagaya-ku, Tokyo, Japan (47 nights)

Selected mixed media artworks (as a collaborating artist):

The Conversation - with Piero Roi (Photography)

In Older Kingdoms - with Martin Thaulow (Installation - Bornholm, Denmark)

Contraction - with Martin Thaulow (Installation - Copenhagen, Denmark)