Bridge to the World Travel Opportunities

Below is a list of travel opportunities being offered for 2019-2020. If you have further questions please contact the Bridge to the World Coordinator, Mrs. Kristen Kalinowski (kalinowski.kristen@rrcs.org) or RRHS Principal, Rob Winton (winton.rob@rrcs.org). Please note that all trips are subject to change.

Please view the below presentations for any travel questions you may have regarding upcoming trips.

2020 Travel Opportunities Presentation

2019 Montreal Trip Presentation


Spring Break: Australia and New Zealand

Summer: China - Tour and Homestay

Summer: Quebec and Montreal

Fall: RRHS host students from Velbert, Germany - Dates TBD


Spring Break: Galapagos Islands

Summer: Exploring America's National Parks of the West: Backpacking, camping, and hiking

Summer: Italy, Greece and the Greek Islands

Summer: Germany - Tour and Homestay

Fall: RRHS hosts students from Madrid, Spain - Dates TBD