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3) TMEA All-Region Choir audition rehearsals begin immediately. More information below.
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TMEA All-Region 

All choir members are encouraged to enter this process as this will improve their musicianship and make the Dragon Choir the best it can be. That being said, members of Dragon Chorale, Muse, and the show choirs will be required to enter the contest. 

We will offer two weekly sectionals (one in the morning and one in the afternoon) to prepare students for their audition. We will also have a couple of Saturday "boot camp" style workshops to put the final touches on the music before auditions. All students are welcome to rehearse each day but our main focus will be the scheduled section for a giving time period.

Sectional Schedule
     AM  PM
  Monday OpenSoprano
 Thursday AltoTenor
 Friday SopranoOpen 

Audition pieces for each round: 

District (10/3) & Region Round (10/7)
Women - La Danza & Ave Generosa; 
Men - Fight the Good Fight with all thy might & O Vos Omnes; 
Mixed - I am Loved & To thee, Cherubim and Seraphim

Pre-Area Round (11/16): 
Women - Celebremus; 
Men - She Walks in Beauty;
 Mixed - Gloria

To be sung at All-Region Concert only (11/11): 
Mixed - Signs of the Judgment

Area Round (1/6): 
same as Pre-Area audition

Choir Event Excuse Form:

Event Excuse Form


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Dragon Choir

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