About Rachel Eustice

Hi! My name is Rachel Eustice, and this is my fourth year teaching at McNeil High School. I am excited to be teaching AP Chemistry and PreAP Chemistry this year! I am also McNeil's Academic UIL Coordinator and I am sponsoring McNeil's Science and Spelling UIL Teams. I also sponsor students competing in Chemistry Olympiad. I am passionate about everything science and love teaching chemistry!

I have a BS in Geology from Ohio State and an MA in Geochemistry from The University of Texas, and I have taught for over 18 years. I have taught several different science courses--including preAP and AP Chemistry--which are two of my favorite classes to teach. I am glad to be teaching Chemistry at McNeil this year--It is going to be great year!!!

I am scheduled to teach AP Chemistry on A-Days (1st, 2nd, and 3rd periods) and PreAP Chemistry on B-Days (5th, 6th, and 8th periods). To determine what you have missed when you are absent or to keep up with what is going on in you class, please look at the google calendars associated with this website. To access documents related to classes, click on the calendar item, then click "more details" to see and download the attached files. The syllabus for each class as well as other class information is linked within the Course Calendar.

I am in my classroom for tutorials most mornings before school and also after school, except when I have teacher meetings or duty. My official tutorials will be determined when I know my duty schedule. I am also available for tutorials during Flextime. Check the Flextime Portal to schedule Flex tutorials.

The easiest way to contact me is by email at: Rachel_eustice@roundrockisd.org. I can also be reached at my McNeil High School phone –464-6300 extension 6471.