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Upcoming Events
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Sat. 2 February                    Side by Side event with the Stony Point Band           Honor and Symphonic Band               Hopewell Music Wing
Fri. 8 February                      Region Jazz Band Auditions                                       Jazz Band                                              CD Fulkes MS
Sat. 9 February                     Hill Country Jazz Festival, Texas State University    Jazz Band                                              Texas State University
Tues. 26 February                 Honor and Symphonic Band Pre-UIL  (school day)  Honor and Symphonic Band               Connelly High School, Pflugerville
Thurs-Fri. 7-8 March             Pre-UIL    (school day)                                                 Honor and Symphonic Band               Connelly High School, Pflugerville

Welcome to UIL season!  UIL is our Band evaluation event that happens each Spring for Honor and Symphonic Band.  Ensembles prepare three pieces and perform them for judges and are given a score.  I or Superior is the best, followed by II - Excellent, then III - Good and the bottom parts of the scare are IV and V - Fair and Poor respectively.  Following their stage performance, the students go to a bandhall and perform a new piece they've never seen before with only 7 minutes of study time.  Certainly our goal is always all Superior ratings from our six judges.

To help us in our preparations, we have several activities planned: the Side by Side event, a Pre-UIL Concert and our sectionals.  All work together to help us grow.  

Please be sure to put the above dates into your family calendar so that your student will be available and receive credit; these are graded activities.

Lessons Program and Fundraising

In the interest of making sure our lesson resources last to the end of the year, we will be adjusting our rotation lessons a bit over the next few weeks.  Your student may experience more group lessons or have longer spans between each meeting.   We will continue to set up opportunities for them to get help with our teachers.

Need Paperwork?

What a great first day!  Our kids are wonderful.  Because of all of the Admin stuff we had to take care of, we didn't get to much Band topics but it was great to meet everyone, talk about basic class procedures and get the year rolling.  4th Period (Jazz and Concert Band) and 8th period (Beginning Flutes, Oboes and Percussion) received first day packets (for Band).  The other classes will get them tomorrow or Monday.   If you want to get a jump on things, they are below.   These documents are necessary so we can travel with your student and know everyone has access to the concepts that will help your student be successful.

First Day Checklist 6th Grade                    First Day Checklist 7/8 

Policy for Rehearsals and Performances (read only, nothing to submit)