Teacher Information

At-Home Instruction Starting April 6th

AP Macro: Week 1 Assignment

AP Micro: Week 1 Assignment

IB Econ Test Takers: Week 1 Assignment

Teacher's Phone: 512.464.4000

Email: bill_blaine@roundrockisd.org

Tutoring, Make-ups, and Redos:

  • Before School (except Thursday mornings)
  • Flex Time
  • 1st lunch Orange
  • 1st lunch White
  • *4th block (see below)
  • *8th block (see below)
  • *After School 'til 4:40 PM (see below)

*On Tuesday's and Friday's there will be no tutoring after 3:50 PM.

Note: You do not have to make an appointment. Just come in.

If you missed a class (or class just went to fast for you) check out this link to see videos of the class:

Link to Videos of Lessons for Macro

IB SL Economics (Westwood) Videos


Schedule: Orange Day

1st block: IB Economics

2nd block: AP Macroeconomics

3rd block: AP Macroeconomics

4th block: Conference

Schedule: White Day

5th block: AP Macroeconomics

6th block: IB Economics

7th block: IB Economics

8th block: Conference