The Right Tools for the Job

Most people just need to start talking about things. That is what most folks find works best. Skype, Zoom or phone sessions are convenient and confidential.

For those who tried general counseling and found they want more structure, I will send you a packet of materials to fill out and return. This saves time in the first few sessions. The first block of sessions, or modules is your opportunity to tell your story and discover what you are feeling and thinking about yourself. This is usually completed in two, two-hour sessions. You may find just telling your story is all you need. This approach is paid for by purchasing blocks of time. This makes it easier to stay focused and get clear results at each step.

Next, I will send you materials on control and manipulation. I will recommend books that can be purchased in any large bookstore or online. You will have the chance to compare your experience with the material. Most people find this module helps them understand that what happened to them is not their fault and opens the door to rethinking the whole experience. This takes about one two hour session.

Then, we will explore the nuts and bolts of how the system worked, and how it affected you. Notes and diagrams will be sent to you to follow and make your own notes as we talk. This module gives you the tools to analyze what happened to you and to understand your present situation. More importantly, you will understand the small changes you can make that can change everything in life and relationships. This module takes about two two-hour sessions.

At this point, most people need extra, relatively unstructured time to process and ask questions. These sessions are available in one- and two-hour blocks.