Cult recovery consultation is an educational process that provides you with resources that enable you to use local counseling resources for general emotional and family issues., Zoom or phone sessions are almost as good as face-to-face sessions, many have found that phone sessions fit better into their busy lifestyle. Sessions are offered in sequential blocks to insure that you get something you can keep each time you call. General mental health counseling is not offered outside the state of Florida.


Families with a loved one in an abusive group, cult or relationship can make all the difference with the right resources. Primarily conducted over the phone, family consults reduce the frustration and fear with knowledge and informed action.

Information Services

Expert witness testimony and consultation for legal cases that involve cults, terrorism or undue influence.

Consultation for individuals, families, communities and governmental entities around the world on the role of undue influence in extremism.

Media resource for background information for cult or certain terrorism-related news stories.