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The Moosalamoo Center is an ecological course offering at OVUHS. The course is a heterogeneously grouped community of learners whose curriculum is motivated by the natural world and the local community. Students at Moosalamoo are engaged, inspired and informed. The curriculum is unit-based, linking traditional academics with real life applications and real life rewards. We put extensive emphasis on not only fact-based knowledge, but interpersonal skills, stewardship, self-direction, and personal investment. We offer two courses that cater to high school students, grades 10 through 12.


Moosalamoo, 11 through 12 is derived from themes related directly to ecological study and outdoor education. Students learn through thematic units that blend traditional curriculum with ekistic understanding. The course of study allows for students to spend extensive time in the field and on expedition. Each unit ends with a multi-day wilderness trip that requires the use of academic and social skills learned in the unit. Units include mountaineering, primitive skills, wilderness first aid, canoe tripping and much more.


What is Moosalamoo? 

Adventure- Field studies are paramount where students transform their learning into action on the mountains, on the rivers, in the woods, on ropes, in tents and around campfires. If being immersed in the woods in all conditions sounds like a dynamic classroom than this is the place for you. 

Service Learning-
Students invest in their community by way of our elementary outreach program where students design and facilitate workshops for elementary schools. Students also preside as the stewards of the Hawk Hill Parcel, a 200 acre wildlife management area behind the school. They facilitate community walks and talks, do trail maintenance, maintain the kiosk and develop management plans.

Moosalamoo is both academically and physically rigorous. Moosalamoo's foundation is ecologically and bio-regionally based.
While the curricullum is unique and generated in house, it is wholly aligned with the Vermont State Standards.

Students at Moosalamoo are the first to point out that Moosalamoo is like adopting a lifestyle. Students are passionate about their study and that creates a strong bond.

Nothing about Moosalamoo is contrived. The education is based upon tangible concepts. The assessments are relevant and applicable. While at times the reality is not comfortable, more often than not the awards far outweigh the sacrifice.