The Spring Valley Education Foundation (SVEF) is dedicated to academic success at Spring Valley High School for every student at every level. Established in 1983, it is a 501 (c)(3) nonprofit, tax exempt organization with a solid 30 year track record. It is governed by an active volunteer Board of Directors composed of corporate, civic, educational, alumni and parent leaders.
The purpose of the Spring Valley Education Foundation is to raise funds and promote educational programs through the donation of goods, services, and money from corporations, business groups, foundations and individuals. The SVEF acts as a fiscal agent for donors who wish to sponsor special projects or programs. It administers both "designated" and unrestricted gifts.
The Spring Valley Education Foundation has been tremendously successful in its efforts. Fund raising projects have netted over three quarters of a million dollars in the past ten years. Hundreds of thousands of dollars in cash and gifts-in-kind have been infused into the school. This community-based effort is able to provide the "extras" not available through tax dollars. The exceptional environment made possible by this support has helped this award winning high school to excel and recently be named among the best in the nation by Newsweek Magazine and the Siemens Foundation.
Gifts to or through the Spring Valley Education Foundation may be by clicking on the Donate Now button above or a check payable to 'SVEF ' and sent to SV Education Foundation, 120 Sparkleberry Lane, Columbia, SC  29229.  Please indicate if "unrestricted" or name the program or group (example "Annual Fund"), to which it should be directed.


2016 – 2017
Ben Duncan, President
Needs, Assessment & Planning

Lindsay Agostini

Dan Huddlestun
Mendel Rivers
Cynthia Bennett
Donette IsrealDr. Tammy Shadd
Susan BrillVinnie Livoti
Danny Stubbs
Paula CobbLaurie LumpkinKela Thomas
Ben DuncanDeb McLeanDr. Garner Wild
Sarat Gorrepati

Dr. Ben Nesbit
David Allison
Rebecca Gunnlaugsson

Shawn Patton
Jeff Temoney
Dr. Debbie Hamm  Thomas Pietras
Dr. Michelle Wyatt
Jennifer HardingRavi Rao
Kim Harris

Ravi Ravindra

Directors Emeritus:  John Green III, Fred Kotoske, and Henry Marion.
Executive Director: Dusty Broadway-Amick

To donate or get more information click on the Donate Now button.
The Foundation office is located at Spring Valley High School in the Atrium
120 Sparkleberry Lane Columbia, SC 29229
Telephone: (803) 699-3500 ext. 69061 FAX: (803) 699-3541
E-mail: damick@richland2.org


This prestigious award is presented annually at the Pride Assembly to businesses and individuals who have demonstrated significant, long time support for the Foundation and SV High School:

Sandy Marcotte, Josh Drews!, Jonathan Maschack and Jim Childers


Apple Awards are presented quarterly for exceptional effort to serve SVHS and its students, often behind the scenes.


1st Quarter: Kimberly English, Josh Keiper, Chris and Sosun Murrin and Cynthia Young

2nd Quarter:Timothy Grant, Michelle Maxberry, Howard Brock and Valencia Robinson

3rd Quarter:Phyllis Lala, Susan Adams, Nicholas Stiffler and Karen Hatter 

4th Quarter: Keyasia Pride, Dorothy Grace, Benjamin Gilmore, Taylor Ramsue, Almeera Lateef, Azalfa Lateef, Victoria Agostini, Mohammad Arammash and Stephen Johnson