New Instrument Suggestions

Here are some of our recommendations for instrument upgrades. There are many great places to find these instruments, but please always talk to a director before you purchase. We may also have a few other suggestions.

FLUTE (all solid silver head joint & open hole)

1.) Pearl 665 RB Coda Series

2.) Pearl 765 RB Coda Series

3.) Yamaha YFL-787H

CLARINET (all solid Grenadilla wood)

1.) Buffet R-13

2.) Buffet E-12

3.) Yamaha YCL-CSGII

4.) Yamaha YCL-650

Clarinet Step-Up Mouthpiece Kit:

1.) MOUTHPIECE: Vandoren M13 Lyre

2.) LIGATURE: Luyben plastic ligature; or Vandoren “Optimum” Silver ligature; or Rovner Dark Bb (leather)

3.) One box of Vandoren Clarinet Reeds (choice of 3, 3.5 or 4)

4.) "Thumb Ease" (thick black thumb pad)

5.) Mouthpiece patch (rubber patch that goes on top of mouthpiece)

6.) REED CASE: Selmer Clarinet 5 Reed Case


1.) Yamaha YAS-62III

2.) Selmer - Super Action 80, Series II


1.) Yamaha YTS-62III

2.) Selmer - Super Action 80, Series II


1.) Yamaha YHR-667 Professional Double French Horn

2.) Conn 8-D Connstellation Series Double French Horn, Nickel Silver Fixed Bell


1.) Yamaha YTR-8335RGS Xeno

2.) Selmer Bach Stradivarius 180

TROMBONE (all with F trigger attachment)

1.) Yamaha YSL-882OR

2.) Selmer Bach 42B

3.) Conn 88H


1.) Besson Sovereign

2.) Yamaha YEP-321S