Concert Bands

We have 3 concert bands that meet during the school day here at RFHS.

Wind Symphony

As the top performing ensemble at RFHS, the Wind Symphony will represent the school and its community in performance tours, recruitment performances, and a variety of other outreach events. A diverse array of advanced level wind ensemble and band repertoire will be studied and performed throughout the year. Students accepted into the wind ensemble are expected to be registered for a full year of band and have a high level of dedication to mastery of their instrument. Membership is based off of auditions. Balanced instrumentation is a high priority in this select and virtuosic ensemble.

Symphonic Band

The Symphonic Band strives for musical proficiency and mastery of essential performance techniques. This ensemble will perform a diverse array of medium to medium-advanced band repertoire throughout the year. Students in the Symphonic Band show commitment to the mastery of basic technique and work to develop a natural and characteristic sound on their instrument.

Ninth Grade Concert Band

The Ninth Grade Concert Band is committed to mastery of crucial fundamentals in musical theory and music performance. Attention is given to sound production, breathing technique, rehearsal etiquette and other rudimental ensemble skills. Crucial components of instrumental performance will be reinforced on a daily basis. This ensemble will perform a diverse array of medium level band repertoire throughout the year.

Lesson Sign Up Calendars

Use the link below to schedule your lessons with the teacher you are assigned to. If you need to check who you take lessons with please check Schoology in the Lesson Material folder. Click on your lesson teacher and pick a time that works for you. Once you click on the time and save the spot the lesson will automatically be put on your personal Google Calendar (*if you are logged in with your school google account!).

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