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Sign up for Parent/Teacher Conferences (Thursday, March 28th) by clicking on this link and entering the password gq8fs
Report Card Link -> powerschool (if you're unsure of the username/password, Sharon Anderson in the office can help you out).  Please also take a look at your child's E-Portfolio, they spent a lot of time on them this semester.  To access E-Portfolios, sign on to Gmail (students know their username and passwords, ie: adamniemetz345@rdpsd.ab.ca  Password is a 4-letter word) and navigate via Google Sites.  Click on the link to watch a tutorial How to get into child's E-Portfolio Tutorial


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  • Thursday, December 13th

    Reminder Our Fifth Annual EBWS Christmas Concert is only ONE week away

    Thursday December 20, 2018

    FORMAT:  We will be having two concerts, a morning and an evening performance. Both concerts are divided into three parts with two intermissions.  The morning concert will begin at 9:15 with the following schedule: (K-1 from 9:15-9:45 & Gr. 2-3 from 10:00-10:30 & Gr. 4-5 and Choir from 10:45-11:15).  

    For the evening concert, the following schedule is below:

    Part 1  K-1

    Time:  6:00-6:30 (approx.)


    Grade K-1 arrive at their classrooms between 5:30 and 5:45


    During intermission, families who are not staying for the rest of the concert are welcome to pick up their children from their classes and head home.













    Part 2   Gr. 2-3                        

    Time:  6:45-7:15 (approx.)


    Gr. 2-3 students arrive in their classrooms between 6:15 and 6:30 and families take their places in the gym during intermission.


    Families who are not staying for the rest of the  concert are welcome to meet their children at the end in their classrooms to head home.













    Part 3  Gr. 4,5 & Choir

    Time: 7:30- 8:00 (approx.)


    Grade 4 and 5 students arrive in their classrooms between 7:00 and 7:15 and families take their places in the gym during intermission.


    Parents meet their children at the end in their classrooms to head home.

    Choir information:

    The choir will be singing in Part 3 of the concert.  The Grade 3 students who are in choir will go to the music room after their performance in part 2 of the concert.  The Grade 4 students who are in choir will also go to the music room after their performance. From here, students will be led back to the gym when it is their turn to perform.

    If you are unable to make either of these performances, the evening performance will be live streamed.  Just go to our website and you will be able view it live. DVD’s will also be available for purchase for $20.00 at the office.                            

    Parking is  AVAILABLE on Timberlands Drive north of the school.

    Posted Dec 13, 2018, 3:36 PM by Adam Niemetz
  • Thursday, November 29th

    Good Morning Barrie Wilson Families,

    We just wanted to give an update on school photos. Prints arrived and individual photos will be sent home tomorrow (Friday). 

    Galleries are re-opened for orders (anyone who may have forgotten to order or would like to order additional prints or items) can now do so through my website: www.vmoorephotography.ca > EBWS 2018-19

    Passwords are the same as before (Child Birthdate YYYYMMDD), and anyone who participated in re-takes has access to their child’s original images in the main gallery and re-take images in the re-take gallery.

    Posted Nov 29, 2018, 11:31 AM by Adam Niemetz
  • Tuesday, November 6th

    Dear Parents,

    On Monday November 12 our Parent Council will be hosting a parent information session on Growing up Digital from 6-7pm with a light supper included. The session will be presented by Trevor Pikkert a former High School Counselor and Vice-Principal and current Educational Technology Coordinator for Red Deer Public Schools. The sessions will talk about the effects of technology on child development and education. The session will also focus on what parents can do help their kids use digital technology in appropriate & safe ways.

    Being a parent has never been easy, but it can be even more challenging once your kids are using the internet. Even if you’re not up on the latest technologies and platforms, though, you have an important role — maybe the most important — in your kids’ online lives. This session will prepare you for the conversations you need to have with kids when they first start using digital devices, as they grow and their online activities change, and when things go wrong.

    This evening session will run from 6-7 pm and a light supper will be provided for all parents who attend. The November Parent Council meeting will follow the session at 7 pm and all parents are welcome to stay for the meeting.

    If you are interested in attending the Growing Up Digital session, please fill out the form by clicking on the link so Parent Council will know how much food to prepare.

    Posted Nov 6, 2018, 8:25 AM by Adam Niemetz
  • Monday, October 22nd
    This Thursday is "Wear Black and Orange Day".  Halloween Movie night will take place this Thursday (the 25th) from 5:30-7:00.  There will be popcorn (to be purchased)!!!  Here is some information concerning school photos (deadline is the 25th).  Go to www.vmoorephotography.ca Choose EBWS 2018-19 from the main menu.  Select your child's class.  Click open gallery.  Enter your email address.  Read welcome message and click view photos.  Select your child's name.  Galleries are organized by last name initial and first name, ie: Jane Smith-> S. Jane.  Enter your password.  All galleries are password protected with each child's birthdate in the format: YYYYMMDD, ie: Jane Smith's birthdate is June 4, 2005 so her gallery password would be 20050604.

    Dear Parents,

    As we move through the month of October, there are many special events planned to mark the fall season. This time of year provides school staff with a great opportunity to engage students with coursework and activities which are of high interest to children. You can most likely expect to see some Fall or Halloween themed school work being done in classrooms over the next couple of weeks.

    Fall also provides our school community the chance to come together and have some fun. With that in mind there will be a few events happening around the school in the next few weeks with a Fall theme:

    • School Council is hosting a Family Halloween Movie Night and Silent Auction this Thursday October 25th from 5:30-7. This is a free event for families and during the course of the night we will be showing 3 short Halloween movies. Families can come anytime during the event that is convenient for them. We will also be having a small silent auction with proceeds going toward the playground project.

    • Lori Cartwright from Royal Lepage is sponsoring pumpkins for students to decorate again this year.

    • On Halloween day students will be allowed to dress up in their costumes at lunch time and we will have a costume parade. Parents are welcome to come to the gym and watch the parade from there, beginning at approximately 1:30. It is requested that children bring costumes but not wear them in the morning. Learning is often disrupted with uncomfortable costumes and pieces sometimes come off during the morning or at recess. Children can put on their costumes when they come in from lunch recess just before the parade starts.

    In planning your child’s costume to wear at school, please follow these rules:

    • no weapons of any kind (this includes toy swords, toy guns, toy knives and anything else resembling a weapon)

    • no scary masks or scary makeup (these include masks or makeup of characters depicted in horror movies/TV shows or movies/TV shows which are not G-rated)

    • consider that your child will be wearing this costume for the afternoon and they should be able to manage it themselves.

    Thank you for your assistance and we look forward to all of these fun events! Please feel free to contact your child’s teacher if you have any questions or concerns.

    Posted Oct 22, 2018, 11:11 AM by Adam Niemetz
  • Thursday October 11

    Dear Parents:

    As part of our Remembrance Day Ceremony on November 6th, EBWS would like to continue the tradition of reading the Roll of Honour. This is where we display the names and photos (if possible) of relatives of our BW families who have served in any branch of the military, for any nation, at any time. Please send the names and digital photos to Mr. Shilling (kevin.shilling@rdpsd.ab.ca) by Monday, November 5th at the latest if you wish to have them viewed at the ceremony. If we have your names and photos from previous years, there is no need to resend them.

    As well, we are asking any students who belong to service clubs or youth organizations (Brownies, Cubs, Junior Forest Wardens) to wear their uniforms on the day of the Ceremony. They will be acting as our Honour Guard at the Gym doors.

    Posted Oct 11, 2018, 7:56 AM by Adam Niemetz
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We are learning how to have Growth Mindset. I learned:

To build strong neural pathways I participate.

To build strong neural pathways I practice.

To build strong neural pathways I persevere.

To build strong neural pathways it takes time and effort.

To build strong neural pathways, I know mistakes are good and part of learning. 

To build strong neural pathways, I can ask an expert for help

" The best thing we can do is to teach children to love challenges, be intrigued by mistakes, enjoy effort, and keep on learning.” 
 Carol S. Dweck

School Song

YouTube Video

What is a digital citizen?

                 Important Dates                

BW Calendar

                  Just a reminder...             
  • Check out the calendar.
  • If you have any questions or concerns, feel free to call or e-mail us.  Our e-mail addresses are as follows:  adam.niemetz@rdpsd.ab.ca and sharon.ferguson@rdpsd.ab.ca
  • Report Cards can be accessed online via Powerschool.  Here is the link: Powerschool link Questions?  Mrs. Anderson in the office would be happy to help.
  • We have students in our class who are allergic to NUTS so please refrain from giving your children NUTS in their lunches. Thank you.
  • For Scholastic book orders, you can sign in via scholastic.ca/canadaclubs  Find the school/class name (Ecole Barrie Wilson School/Mr. Niemetz) From there, you can order/pay.  I should then get a notification through my e-mail.
  • Library days are Wednesdays.
  • Swimming will run... Grade 2's will not be swimming this year.
  • Skating will run Tuesday's from 11:20-2:20 during the months of January and February.  Volunteers are needed to help tie/untie skates.  Please and Thank You.
  • EBWS is on Instagram @ ecolebarriewilsonschool
  • There is a Barrie Wilson app that is available!  It is currently available for Android: CLICK HERE  Iphone: CLICK HERE
  • Every student will have the chance to be "Etoile de la Semaine." Everyone is encouraged to bring things to share with their fellow classmates, i.e. stories, photos, relics, et cetera. Students will be given notice as to when it is their turn.
  • Feel free to sign up on Remind where you get reminders for certain things, i.e. swimming lessons, returning library book, times to to check the agenda/blog; text the message   @niemet (it is not @niemetz btw)      to the number (587) 316-2959... It should work...

Wilson Ways                                        

Be Respectful
I demonstrate respect for myself, for other, for learning, and for property.

Be Responsible
I am responsible for my actions and for my learning.  I arrive at school ready to learn.

Be Resilient
I try to solve my own problems before asking for help.  I know that it is okay to make mistakes, and I learn from the mistakes I make.

Étoile de la Semaine                          

Name/Week of: