Per the school district: You may come to the EEC parking lot between 8 - 9am on Monday, June 15th to pick up end of year things or anything left behind. You can't get out of the car. I will be in the parking lot to hand it to you through your car window.

I hope you're doing well with our new normal. It's so nice to see your faces on the screen. If you aren't able to come to your class zoom time one week, you may join another class. The mornings are for the 3 year old class and the afternoons are for the 4 year old class.

The district has announced that school for TK through 8th grade will start on August 26th. PEEP classes with start the week after (probably September 2) because we PEEP teachers will be visiting our transitioning 4 year old class students in their new kindergarten rooms.

Here are our scheduled zoom sessions:

          • Mon/Wed morning class: Wed 10:30
          • Mon/Wed afternoon class: Wed 1:30
          • Tue/Thur morning class: Thurs 10:30 (option 2 - 8:30)
          • Tue/Thur afternoon class: Thurs 1:30

Optional websites:

Starfall I will email you your own personal code that makes it free for 4 months.

ABC Mouse This one has a monthly fee.

GoNoodle A movement website (we use the KooKooKangaRoo channel)

Little Writer An app for touch screen devices (ipad or tablet) used for tracing. (.99 cents)

Kidbuildersapp Website with ideas for parents to do with their kids.

San Diego Zoo Kids Games, videos, and cameras at the zoo

As always, feel free to email with any questions, issues, or thoughts and I will respond within the next business day.

I hope to see you all soon, Stay Well!