Since our inception in 1929, District 6's goal is to prevent and suppress fires as well as educate and promote public safety which leads to a ever growing need to foster community relations. District 6 exists to provide the residents of Parsippany the most effective and rapid emergency fire, rescue, and prevention services in an ever changing world. We value integrity, dedication, diversity, respect, and compassion.

Our Main Coverage Area:

Lake Intervale

Druid Hill

Hills of Troy




Normandy Village

Lord Stirling


Parsippany Troy-Hills Fire Association Charter Members 1929

Raymond Bates

Harold Bates

Clarence Charleton

Andrew Card

William Callahan

Leo D'Orsi

Michael D'Aliberti

Baylis Dickisson

Albin Edelman

Stephen Fallat

Milton Heuser

Lawrence Hill

John LaHart

Herman Kammerer

Floyd Nickerson

Francis Nagel

Ernest Ochs

Michael Olszyna

William Rule

Edward Stiff

Clifford Tredway

Ted Vreeland

William Vreeland

George Vreeland

Saxbury Waddell

LeRoy Wilson

William Weidmeir