Complexe scolaire St. Claude School Complex Staffing 2017/18
Teachers Homeroom Courses
Jean Godard Administration Administration, Ess. Math 30S, Intro to Calculus 45S
Kristel Prejet / Brooke Weir Resource Resource
Kelly Richardson Guidance Guidance, ISO & Career courses, Life/Work Exploration 15S, Lifework 40S, Phys. Ed 7/8, 10F/20F, 30F/40F
Kerrie Green Kindergarten
Room 7
Joan Dion Grade 1
Room 8
Grade 1, Grade 1/2 Français
Carol Deleurme Grade 2/3
Room 10
Grade 2, Grade 1/2/3 Basic French, Reading Recovery
Nadine Lesage Grade 3/4
Room 6
Grade 3, Grade 3/4 Français
Brooke Weir Grade 6
Room 4
ELA 5/6, Math 5/6, Math 7, Science 2, Resource
Micheline Rey Grade 5
Room 3
ELA 4/5, Math 4/5, Science 5
Jim Partaker   Phys. Ed. Grade 1-6, Wood 7/8, Ess. Math 20S Wood 10G-40G, Draft. Des. 15G/25G
Karen Van Deynze   Grade 4/5/6 French, French 7/8, Social Studies 7/8 Geography 20F, French 10F/20F, French 30S/40S
Breanna Carels Grade 7/8 Room 21 PE 4/5, PE 5/6, Science 6, ELA 7/8, Visual Arts 7/8, Math 10F,
ELA 10F/20F, Dig. Film Making 25S, Visual Art 35S, Ess. Math 40S
Bernadette Divorne Grade 9/10 Room 17 Francais 5/6, Francais 7/8, Music K-8, Music 2A, Geographie 20F
Nadine Williams Grade 11
Room 16
Sci. Hum. 5/6, Science 7/8, Sci. Hum. 7/8, Math 8, Francais 10F/20F, Francais 30S/40S, Chem. 30S, Chem. 40S, Biology 30S
Kieron Moeller Grade 12
Room 19
Math 8, ELA 7/8, Science 10F/20F,  ELA 30S,  ELA 40S, Intro to Pre- Calc & Applied 20S, Pre-Calc 30S, Pre-Calc 40S
Support Staff
Leona Devloo Administrative Assistant
Michelle Dheilly Librarian  
Angie Bernard Educational Assistant
Chantal Brennan Educational Assistant
Nancy Macdonald Educational Assistant
Peggy Ricard Educational Assistant
Lynn Souque-Bruneau Educational Assistant
Tamara Wall Educational Assistant
Tamara Wall KEE program  
Larry Tarko Head Custodian  
Odile Furet Custodian