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Communication with the office - Please contact the office directly (phone or e-mail) if your child is sick or is leaving for an appt. during the day or if there is a change in transportation at the end of the day.

Communication - Communication is key for the success of your child at school.  Feel free to reach out to your teacher if you have any questions by phoning the school and/or sending an e-mail.   Please understand that all teachers are busy teaching during the day and may not get back to you right away.  You may only receive a response on the next school day.  Teachers may not be responding to e-mails after hours.  Thanks for your understanding and support. 

Broomball - Open to Grade 3-12 - see attached letter for more info - letter

Milk Program - Milk Orders letters - all online to print - see below in the Canteen section. The Milk program starts in October.

Canteen cards - Students can now buy $10 or $20 Canteen cards - saves students from having to carry cash.  Canteen cards stay in the canteen so there are no worries about losing cards - see canteen section below for a sample card.  Parents can e-transfer or or send cash.

School Closures - see the link for School closures due to adverse weather policy. From the policy - The Division acknowledges and respects that the parent or legal guardian has the discretion to decide if the student(s) travel by school bus and/or attend school during inclement/hazardous weather and/or road conditions.  

Yearbook order form

NEW - PSSD Board Strategic Action Plan Brochure

School Supply list are up for 2023-2024

Timetable - Grade 7-12 - 2023-2024

Welcome to Complexe scolaire St. Claude School Complex
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Upcoming Events


Grade 12 Pre-Calculus - June 11

Grade 12 Essential Math - June 12

Jun 13, 2024 Law 40S

Jun 14, 2024 Last day classes Grade 12 Grade 9 Math (Part A - In-class)

Jun 17, 0204 Last day classes Grade 11

Psychology 40S, Physics 40S

Jun 18, 2024 Biology 30S

Jun 19, 2024 Last day classes Grade 9/10, Essential Math 30S

Jun 20, 2024 Math 10F, Intro to Pre-Calc 20S

Jun 21, 2024 GRAD

Jun 24, 2024 ELA 7/8, French 10F, French 20F

Jun 25, 2024 French/Francais 7/8

Francais 10F, Francais 20F

Jun 26, 2024 Remedial days Grade 9-12

Jun 27, 2024 Remedial days Grade 9-12

Jun 28, 2024 Admin day

 Lost and FoundPlease let the school know if any of these items are yours.
 Lunch Orders - CanteenE-transfer to

Restaurant Lunch Order Form 

Click on the monthly link for each order and complete the paper form and return it to the office.

September                           February

October                                 March

November                            April

December                             May

January                                 June

Canteen Lunch Order Form - Kindergarten - Grade 4

Grade 5-12 students buy directly at the canteen.

Click on the link for the weekly order form.

Canteen Items for Monday/Wednesday/Friday

Pizza pops - $2.00

Bagels - $2.00

KD Cups - $2.00

Fruit Cups - $1.00

Cookies $1.00

Milk Order letters  

Milk program starts in October.

Oct/Nov/Dec                        Jan/Feb 

March/April                           May/June

Canteen Card - sample card

If you would like to purchase a $10 or $20 canteen card, send cash with a note for canteen card or e-transfer money.

Canteen cards are great so that students do not have to carry cash at school and the canteen card stays in the canteen so no worries about losing the card.

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