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Extra-academia communication

CNRS column (in French) on 'Asymmetric patch size distribution leads to disruptive selection on dispersal' (Evolution 2011)

Science Editor's choice on 'Pollination fluctuations drive evolutionary syndromes linking dispersal and mating system' (American Naturalist 2009)

Short presentation on InEE "nouveaux entrants" brochure (in French)

Interview as subject editor at Oikos.

CNRS column (in French) on two papers published in Nature Communications on August 24th 2016, dealing with ecosystem stability and complexity.

UQAR column (in French) on Jacquet et al. (2016)

Oikos blog post on Lamy et al. (2017); also, the paper was Oikos Editor's choice

CNRS column (in French) on 'Mandrills use olfaction to socially avoid parasitized conspecifics' (Poirotte et al. 2017 Science Advances). English version on

News item on Popular Science about Poirotte et al. 2017 Science Advances

Another one on about Poirotte et al. 2017 Science Advances

National Geographic news item on Poirotte et al. 2017 Science Advances


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