Summer School at Plainville High School July 5th - August 1st 2017

PROGRAMS The Plainville Summer School will offer a variety of courses to secondary school students. Successful completion of the course(s) will provide the student with a grade and credit toward graduation.

ENROLLMENT Courses are open to all Plainville students, residents, and non-residents. Eligibility for enrollment in specific courses offered is listed under requirements. Adults may also enroll in courses. Students going on vacation during the Summer School Session should not register for classes if they are not going to be present the required number of days. There are no unexcused absences permitted.

REGISTRATION PROCEDURES Registration begins immediately. Students with online registrations can either mail in their payment (see below) or bring with them on the first day of summer school (July 5) in cash (exact amount), check, bank check or money order made payable to: Plainville Summer School. If the student comes without the registration fee he/she will be sent home. Students need to be registered before the first day of classes.


Mail the Registration Form with check, bank check or money order made payable to: Plainville Summer School to the following address: Plainville Adult and Continuing Education / Summer School / 47 Robert Holcomb Way / Plainville, CT 06062. Any questions feel free to email the summer school coordinator; Mr. Riccardo -

Please note the schedule of classes depending on grade level or program. You are requested to register for course selections as soon as possible to allow the school district sufficient time to set up class rosters. If you have questions concerning any course offerings, please call Mr. TJ Riccardo, Summer School Coordinator, at (860) 793-3209 or

PAYMENTS AND REFUNDS The Plainville Summer School is a self-sustaining program sponsored by the Plainville Community Schools. Tuition payment must accompany the registration form. Students will not be registered without payment. Full refund will be given for all withdrawals prior to the first class session. Classes will be cancelled if the minimum enrollment is not attained. No refunds given for students missing or failing class. 

REGULATIONS Students are not to loiter around the building prior to or after attending class. Students creating any discipline problems in class will be asked to leave the class; there will be no return of fees. Students will not be allowed to smoke on school grounds. Bicycles will not be allowed in the building. Skateboards and rollerblades will not be allowed in the building or on school grounds. Students driving to school should use the school parking lot and not the street. Building closes at 3:30 p.m. No loitering permitted.

The Plainville School System does not discriminate in the employment or assignment of staff, or in program offerings to students on the basis of race, color, national origin, sex, age or handicap.