In our lab, we are motivated to understand, quantify, and predict the biogeochemical processes that underlie the benefits that humans derive from nature, also known as ecosystem services.

Our research is specifically focused on the ecosystem functions that affect water quality, climate regulation, and carbon sequestration in natural and human-modified ecosystems. These essential processes are often adversely affected by human activities at local and global scales.

We study the retention and processing of nutrients (nitrogen, carbon, and phosphorus) and the flux of greenhouse gases in wetlands, streams, forests, agricultural, and urban ecosystems. We use approaches from ecosystem ecology and biogeochemistry in our work and collaborate across social and biophysical sciences.

Lab location:

1719 SW 10th Ave
Science Research and Teaching Center, Room B1-13 (South)
Portland State University
Portland, OR 97201
+1 503 725 2722


Jen Morse was awarded a Conservation Innovations Grant from USDA Oregon Natural Resources Conservation Service to investigate nitrogen management strategies for reducing nitrous oxide emissions and groundwater nitrate contamination in the Willamette Valley, OR. (September 2016)

Job opportunity: a part-time field and lab position is now open in the lab. See Opportunities for more info and details on how to apply.

Jen Morse received a Category 1 grant from the Institute for Sustainable Solutions for research on phosphorus dynamics in vegetated stormwater structures under flooded conditions. (August 2016)

Ben Shetterly received the Bushby Scholarship to help fund his Master's research! (June 2016)

Erin Poor started a new position with the USGS, working on the effects of beaver on urban hydrology! (June 2016)

Manar Alattar completed her comprehensive exam for her Ph.D.! (June 2016)

David Farmer started a new internship with the West Multnomah Soil and Water Conservation District! (June 2016)

Erin Looper presented a poster at the Association of American Geographers meeting in Chicago! (April 2016)