Planning to use Basic FBA to BSP

We anticipate two primary uses for these training modules:
  1. In-service Professional Development for school staff and teams guided by school districts, regional service providers or state departments, and
  2. Use in College or University courses focusing on professional preparation 
Below you will find suggested guidelines for use.

School District/ Region / State Planning

District Planning: Basic FBA to BSP

District Planning Tools
*Basic FBA to BSP Coaching Tools are provided with each training module for providing feedback on homework tasks

University/ College Planning for a Course
  1. Assign students to complete the modules (1 per week if you want them to complete all 7 modules)
  2. Have student provide evidence of completion by using "print screen" on the page that summarizes scores OR students can send themselves an email (as prompted in the training) with their scores on it as evidence of completion (student can then forward the email with their scores to the instructor)
  3. Have student complete each of the homework tasks and provide feedback on the assigned tasks -- instructors can use the Coaching Tools provided for each module