Basic FBA to BSP

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The "Basic FBA to BSP" training series is designed for training school-based teams to conduct “Basic” Functional Behavioral Assessment (FBA) to guide the development, implementation and evaluation of function-based positive Behavior support Plans (BSP) for students with mild to moderate problem behavior. 

BSP (Behavior Support Plan) and BIP (Behavior Intervention Plan) are used interchangeably on this site.

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Planning to Use Basic FBA to BSP

There are 7 progressive training modules (75 to 90 minutes each) that are intended to be delivered every 1-2 weeks. Participants are expected to complete homework tasks between each training module to apply what they are learning with a real student. A plan for providing coaching and feedback on homework tasks is critical to maximizing the benefit of Basic FBA to BSP training whether you are participating in live or on-line training.

Basic FBA to BSP 

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What educators are saying about Basic FBA to BSP

"I'm looking at my challenging students from a completely different perspective now. I have a handful of kids that I’ve struggled to keep in Tier 1.  These past few modules have encouraged me to take a step back and really look at their behaviors and functions and adjust my approach towards them.  I’m shocked/impressed/proud at how quickly they are responding.  Just a shift in perspective and my approach towards them has made a world of difference.  I know this is a Tier 3 course, but I think it’s beneficial for teachers and staff who work in urban districts to have an awareness of behavior and function as we roll out Tier 1.  Understanding that and getting equipped with strategies to support challenging behaviors is half the battle of teaching in districts like Oakland.”

                                                    Joyce Hum, Oakland Unified SD

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