AG or Career Program

The scholarships using the , PBL Common Application will be highlighted in the scholarship, which can be found in the attachment section above. Those in BLUE have a link attached to them. Lastly, if *** beside the scholarship, they have their own application and can be found in the attachment section above. Upon selecting on link, you'll find more details. Unless specified, each scholarship award is distributed as a one time disbursement.

***Ford County Pheasants Forever: Must be actively involved in Pheasants Forever/Young Gun or completed at least 2 years of High School Agriculture classes and have been a member of the PBL FFA organization for at least 2 year. Award: $250. Due: May 1, into the guidance office.

***Ford-Iroquois Farm Bureau Foundation and Skog Family Trust Memorial:Student is continuing their education in agriculture or an agribusiness field. Due: April 2

William A. Goetting: Must attend a trade, vocational, or junior college in a career program. Award: $500. Please use the PBL Common Application in the attachment section above. Due in the attachment section above: May 2,into the guidance office.

***Iroquois County Soil & Water Conservation District (in conjunction with Iroquois County Pheasants Forever): Must live in Iroquois county & be a full time student. Applicant will also have to describe their related activities in natural resource, soil, water, air, plants and animal conversation. Award: $500. Due April 2, 2019 into the guidance office.

***Arvetta M. Lewis Scholarship: Must enroll as a full time Ag student in the College of Agriculture at the U of I. Deadline: May 1, 2019.

Don D. Myrick: PBL student who attends a trade, technical, or 2-year career program or majors in Ag. Applicant must submit an essay, please see last page of the PBL Common Application in the attachment section above. Award: $750. Due: March 31, 2019 into the guidance office.

***Robert Rohlfing: Major in Ag related field. Apply in Ag Class. Award $500 Due: February 1, 2019