EIU Scholarships

The scholarships in BLUE have a link attached to them. So select on the link and then you'll be taken to the webpage regarding information about the particular scholarship your looking into. These scholarships are for students who will be attending Eastern Illinois University in the Fall.

EIU Pemberton Presidential Scholars Award, Presidential Scholars Award and Honors Award: EIU offers these scholarships to incoming Freshman meeting certain criteria. Please select on the link to check into the eligibility for each. Deadline: January 11,2019.

EIU: Carolyn A. Forbes Centennial & Lillian R. Greathouse:

1. The Carolyn A. Forbes Centennial Scholarship: This award is for a student majoring in Applied Engineering & Technology, Business Education, Career & Technical Education, and Technology Education.

2. The Lillian R. Greathouse Scholarship: This scholarship was established by Lillian Greathouse, a retired Eastern Illinois University faculty member in Business Education. This award is for a student majoring in Career and Technical Education, in the top 20% of his/her high school graduating class.

EIU Scholarships: Each year, scholarships at EIU are made available to incoming and continuing students. Please select one or more criteria via the link below to narrow your search. Clicking "search" without selecting any options will return all records. Due dates will vary.

EIU COMMUNITY AMBASSADOR SCHOLARSHIP: College-bound individuals from select counties in the central Illinois region who plan to attend Eastern Illinois University will be among the latest to reap financial benefit from supportive local business men and women. No less than eleven local students will receive the one-time $2,000 EIU Community Ambassador Scholarship.