The scholarships in BLUE have a link attached to them. So select on the link and then you'll be taken to the webpage regarding information about the particular scholarship your looking into. If *** is beside the scholarship, they have their own application and can be found in the attachment section above.

IAA Foundation Scholarships: The IAA Foundation endeavors to enhance the future of agriculture by providing college scholarships. The IAA Foundation is pleased to administer scholarships on behalf of agricultural partners and families who each endeavor to support future generations and help assure a well-qualified and professional agricultural workforce in Illinois while supporting farming communities. Application period will begins February 1, 2019.

Farm Credit Illinois Scholarship: High School Seniors who are planning on attending college to pursue a major and/or career related to Ag. Selection criteria includes academic achievement, participation and leadership within school and community organizations and the applicant's commitment level to an agricultural career. Please select on link for more information. Deadline is March 1, 2019.

Greenhouse Scholars: Our whole person program isn’t just a scholarship, it’s a 4-year commitment to support students who demonstrate exceptional courage, leadership, accountability, and are ready to create lasting impact in the communities around the globe. Deadline: December 17th, 2018.

America’s Farmers Grow Ag Leaders: Sponsored by the Monsanto Fund, a philanthropic arm of Bayer, is offering more than $500,000 in scholarships to students in rural communities who are looking to continue their education in an ag-related field of study and become the next generation of ag leaders. Deadline is: February 13, 2019.

Helena Acre Home Grown Scholarship: is designed to encourage the support local families who share our goal of improving the agriculture industry. Helena will invest over $60,000 into the next generation of Ag who will pursue a degree in Agriculture. Deadline: January 31, 2019.