Deacon Affiliates

Memo to the Bishop

From Frank DeSiano, CSP

Re: Paulist Deacon Affiliates

Deacons have expressed to the Paulists a desire to serve in a more missionary way in their different dioceses. This desire includes being able to focus on new means and media to reach the growing numbers of people who are not connected with church.

While remaining incardinated in their dioceses and serving in a local parish, as Deacon Affiliates they would allocate some of their time and interest in developing Paulist apostolic outreach. Such outreach might include:

· Mission Preaching

· Initiatives for Inactive Catholics

· Modern apologetics and attracting inquirers

· Developing podcasts and social media for mission efforts

· Developing Young Adult ministry on a deanery level

· Exploring “family evangelization” as an expansion of catechetics

These and other initiatives would become available to a diocese under the auspices of the Paulist Community. The Deacon Affiliate would make a yearly promise to fulfill these mission objectives in accord with the needs of the diocese. He would also receive formation and ongoing training in various Paulist methods and strategies.

We ask that a bishop endorse the Deacon Affiliate with a “good standing” letter and work out a “contract” for the deacon’s mission efforts as his formation develops. We expect this to cost the diocese nothing financially, but we trust it will expand the mission charism of the local church.

Please contact me with any questions: 646-460-4897.

Thank you!