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Bibliography of books and articles



Presenting the Catholic Faith (Paulist Press) -- a simple, direct Catechism for seekers


Creating the Evangelizing Parish (with Ken Boyack, Paulist Press) -- organize parish for mission!


The Evangelizing Catholic (Paulist Press) -- some basic how-to's for Catholics


Católicos Evangelizadores (Paulist Press) -- méthodos de evangelizar


Lay Ministers, Lay Disciples (with Sue Blum Gerding, Paulist Press) -- the connection between ministry and sharing


Discovering My Experience of God (Paulist Press) -- a journal exercise to find one's story of faith


Descubrir Mi Experience de Dios (Paulist Press) -- reflexionar y escribir para descubrir su historia de fe


The Seven Commandments of Discipleship (Paulist Press) -- an outline of basic spirituality for discipleship


Yes I Can Believe (PNCEA) -- a short, compelling introduciton to the faith


Awakening Faith: Reconnecting with Your Catholic Faith (with Ken Boyack, PEM), 2009, 2014 -- a program to help Catholics reconnect with their

    Catholic faith


Reactivating Our Catholic Faith (Paulist Press) -- May, 2009


"Evangelization Perspectives Today," Church Magazine, Summer, 2008, pp. 9-13


"The Conversion of America," The Catholic Response, Jan-Feb 2009, vol. V # 4, pp. 14-23


"Bringing Inactive Catholics Back," The Priest, May, 2009 (v.65 #5), pp. 25 ff.


"The Mass: Instrument of Evangelization," The Priest, Sept., 2009 (v.63 [sic.] #9), pp. 79 ff.


Why Not Consider Becoming a Catholic? (PNCEA)--July, 2010


Seeking Christ: First Steps toward Catholic Faith (PNCEA, July, 2010)


Mission America: Challenges and Opportunities for Catholics Today (Paulist Press & Paulist Evangelization Ministries, 2011)


"The Eucharist and Conversion," Catechetical Leader (Vol. 22, #1, June 2011), p.16 ff.)

"Serving Inmates: A Ministry of Service," Deacon Digest Part 1 (March, 2012), p. 8 ff.; Part 2 (May 2012, p. 8ff)

"Living Your Conversion," Abbey Press (Care Notes), 2012

Faith and Culture in Catholic Education: A Guide for Catholic and Non-Catholic Parents (Paulist Press, 2012)

"Praying Today," Journey, vol. 30, #1 (IHM Scranton Newsletter), Summer, 2012 (also available as an e-Book)

"Faith: Holding It Together," Catechetical Leader, v. 23, #6 (Nov. 2012), pp. 12-14

"What's 'New" in the New Evangelization?" De La Salle Today, Spring, 2013, p. 12 ff.

"This Little Light," America, vol 208, #4 (Feb. 2013), p. 19 ff.

"The Evangelizing Parish Today," Catechetical Leader, July, 2013, vol. 24, # 4, 11 ff.

New Perspectives: A Report on the Synod on the New Evangelization (Kindle Book)

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"The Evangelizing Homily," Deacon Digest, Nov. 2014, p. 11 ff. 

"Mystagogia for the Parish: How Deacons Can Help," Deacon Digest, May 2015, p. 12 ff.

"The Deacon and the Family," Deacon Digest, September, 2015, p. 14 ff.

"Formation: It Never Stops," Deacon Digest, May, 2016, p. 15 ff.

"Many Margins to Reach," Deacon Digest, November, 2016, pp. 12 ff.

"Evangelization and the Ministry of Preaching," in A Handbook for Catholic Preaching, Liturgical Press, 2016, pp. 105 ff.

"Accompanying the Lost," Priest, vol. 72, no. 12 (Dec. 2016), pp. 18 ff. 

Catholic Discipleship: Spiritual Exercises and Reflections [Para católicos discípulos, ejercicios espirituales y reflexiones]. Paulist Evangelization Ministries. December, 2018.

Beyond the Pews: From Parishioners to Disciples [Más allá de las bancas, de feligreses a discípulos]. Paulist Evangelization Ministries. January. 2020.

"Parish Orientation toward Evangelization," International Journal of Evangelization and Catechesis, vol. 1, #1, pp. 67-70.

"An Evangelizing Perspective on the Eucharist," Internatinal Journal of Evangelization and Catechesis, vol. 3, #2, pp. 167-178


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